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Twin Island University in Trinidad and Guyana offers top programmes, attracting local and international students and fostering local growth.
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TWIN ISLAND UNIVERSITY Twin Island University is a registered university in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Republic of Guyana. It possesses Quality teaching staff and modernized facilities. Presently it’s offering M.D, Premed, MBA, MSC and certificate courses in Medical assistant, phlebotomy assistant and pharmacy technician programs. TWIN ISLAND University School of Medicine is an offshore medical school is a medical school that caters primarily to foreign as well as local Guyanese especially students in the remote areas of Berbice, who wishes to practice medicine in the US and Canada. The local economies often benefit from the academic and economic influence from this school.

15+ Years of History

A Legacy of Excellence in Higher Education and Medical Training Across the Twin Islands

Best Education

Exemplary Education for Academic Excellence and Career Success

Top Instructors

Highly accomplished instructors ensure academic excellence and personal growth with expert guidance.

Top 50 university

A Leading Institution, Ranking Among the Top 50 Universities Globally, Delivering Excellence in Education

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Kind Of Twin Island University School of Medicine Programs

A Comprehensive Range of Exceptional Programmes Designed to Foster Academic Excellence and Personal Development for Future Success
Twin Island University School of Medicine

Providing better learning infrastructure

Dedicated to education, we invest in continuous improvement, creating an ideal learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and ample resources to foster academic excellence and personal growth.

Gain Valuable Knowledge & Experience


Uncompromising Commitment to Educational Excellence and Student Success Worldwide.


A Globally Recognised Institution Fostering International Perspectives and Cultural Diversity


Exceptional Faculty and Instructors, Nurturing Expertise and Leadership in Every Discipline


TWIN ISLAND UNIVERSITY is determined to produce Medical, non-Medical graduates, post graduates and doctorates in different faculties irrespective of race, religion and country of origin based only on competence and merit so that they can resolve the problems of the world successfully.


Twin Island University seeks to provide world-class education in every field with cutting edge equipment and pedagogy in an environment that fosters appreciative enquiry, human sensitivity and collaborative research aimed at resolving societal and future generation’s problem.

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Our Recognition

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

TNIU is approved by ECFMG that evaluates the readiness of International Medical Graduates to acquire residency or fellowship programs in United States. Graduates are eligible to apply and sit for any step of USMLE, PLAB & MRCP in fulfilment of the ECFMG certification requirements for US Residency Positions.

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. It works to promote and protect global health by setting health standards, conducting research, and providing guidance on health policies. WHO collaborates with countries and partners to address health challenges and emergencies worldwide.